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double sided

book type menu covers

single covers

hand bound books

Menu covers

I am a bookbinder with 15yrs experience.

My bindery is over 100yrs old and all my jobs are made by hand.
I have recently decided to specialize in menu covers and hand bound leather books

The menu covers are made in a range of colours and styles and can be designed for each individual restaurant. There are 10 colours of good quality book cloth which we use because of the hard wearing qualities.

Double sided

This cover was designed for bars and bistros also used as a desert menu. It can be made in three sizes

A4 250 x 320
A4 slim 160 x 320
A5 !80 x 230

The menu holds two sheets back to back slid in from the top and protected by clear plastic. There is room at the bottom for your logo or name stamped using a range of hot foils.

Book type menu covers

This elegant cover can be used with or with out plastic pockets.
It can also be made in any size. It will take up to 10 pages and comes in the same colours as before.

The pages are screwed in with either brass or silver screws.
Ideal as room compendiums.

Single covers

These are made be making the covers in two pieces and joining them using the screws. Any size any colour.

We have made covers for many restaurants.

We have never shied away from a challenge and we always deliver on time.

And no one beats us for price. It takes about a week to make 100 covers.

Hand bound books

These books are bound using the very best of materials.
The paper is archival quality deed laid ledger (guaranteed for 300 yrs). Linen tread for the hand sewn sections.

Top quality vege tanned leather (7colours)
Archival boxes can be made to fit and names can be foiled on the cover. This is the ultimate gift for the book lover.

Can also be bound using your own material or recover an old favourite.

There is nothing that feels like leather and nothing that last like leather.
The books bound today will be ere lumens tomorrow.